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Description: A food blog. I cook and share recipes - mainly great food that is pretty simple to prepare. Restuarant reviews. And everything in between.



14 May 2015

PS I Cooked This Blog

PS I Cooked This Blog

Born in Soweto, South Africa Nti worked in the fashion industry heading Bello Couture fashion house for about 10 years and founded a succesful facilities management company which she's still actively involved in, before turning her sight to cooking. She established herself as a chef and launched her own food blog, PS I Cooked and a collection of bistro style aprons. Chef NTI has become an influencer and a well know personality in the culinery industry.

In 2003, she opened doors to her first retail store, Bello Couture, a well recognised fashion brand in South Africa. The brand was a success story, by 2009 she had three retail stores, with the flagship store being at Melrose Arch shopping center – the Rodeo drive of Africa.
After years of working as a fashionista and showcasing her brand in the Mecrcedes Benz Fashion Week Johannesburg. She eventually decided in 2013 that that career path wasn't for her and traveled to Los Angeles to work as an art curator. It was while overseas taking part in the social scene that Chef NTI began to focus on growing her passion for cooking. With the help of her friends and associates in Los Angeles she started blogging about her love for food. Today PS I Cooked This is one of her most succesful ventures, attracting visitor on the blog not only from South Africa, but the world over.
As a personality in the culinary industry she has represented many brands, with her current clients being MAYO drinking yoghurt and Roimanitou Champagne and Wines. With both brands, Chef NTI is tasked with creating different types of recipes using the products as the main ingredient using her expetise as a chef.

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