7 October 2016

Commonly asked questions from start up's

Commonly asked questions from start up's

Starting your own business can be very scary but one thing we can promise is that it's worth it.

Don't let the fear of entering into an unkown teriorty keep you from opening your business.

These are commonly asked questions by start up companies answered!

How much capital should I put into my company in the beginning?

Enough money to carry you through 7 to 9 months. This being becuase you need to support yourself as well as cover for unforseen expenses that may arise.

What should I form my company as?

It is best to start it as an S Corporation but if you have to issue common stock and and preffered stock rather start it as a C Corporation. Partnerships and sole proprietorships are more risky because of the potential personal liabilityto the owners of the business.

How do I come up with a name for my business?

First of all, brainstorm a bunch of ideas. Then make sure that they arent taken, so do a Google search. Then choose one that is easy to spell and is catchy!

For anymore questions call 011 680 0044.

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