Mbokodo Awards 2016

Mbokodo Awards 2016

It was an amazing opportunity to present an award at Mbokodo Awards.

We got to celebrate four milestones:

The 5th anniversary of the Mbokodo Awards

The 20th anniversary of a constitution which is progressive towards women’s rights

The year-long 60thAnniversary, of the 1956 Women’s March to the Union Buildings to protest against the extension of pass laws to women

70th anniversary of UNICEF defending the rights of children.

The awards symbolized the incredible work that was done by South African women to honour their immense contribution in the fields of Arts and Culture.

Posted in 13 December 2016

SA Style Awards 2016

SA Style Awards 2016

I felt honoured to attend the SA Style Awards, it was an amazing event!

So many fashionistas gathered to Hyde Park for the 20th annual SA Style Awards. 

Myself and amazing stylists, celebs, kings of business and a queen or two strutted down the red carpet bringing the 2016 Style Awards to life!

The Times created some marvellous categories too!

From best villain from a Disney animated classic through to best headwrap, they covered just about all the categories there could be.

To view more of pics from the style awards check out my Instagram page: @kefilwe_mabote.

Leave a comment on what you thought of my dress, I would love to hear from you!

I am in-love with this two-piece! What do you think ladies?

I am in-love with this two-piece! What do you think ladies?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find that classy outfit to wear on a sunny day, but I have finally found what I was looking for.

I fell in love with everything about this two-piece, the texture of the silk sits perfectly on your body and the black colour allows for that slimmer look, what more could you want?

This was topped off with these amazing shoes from Christian Louboutin. The extra splash of colour on the shoes brought everything to life.

Since the sun is out and shinning brighter than ever, I felt the need to add these stylish sunglasses from TheEyeMakers, now I can stop squinting and making the furrow between my eyes.  

Essays Of Africa's 2 Year Celebration

Essays Of Africa's 2 Year Celebration

A few days ago I attended Essays Of Africa's 2 year celebration with my beautiful bestie Tsego Manche.

Essays Of Africa is an amazing and inspirational lifestyle magazine that’s targeted at Black African women who seek to converse and connect with others about their life’s journey.

Posted in 2 December

Upcoming Series

Upcoming Series

MAKING OF ICONS the series.

This series focuses on young creatives who influence fashion from models all the way to bloggers within the fashion space. These creatives are what brings this series together.

This series is proudly brought to you by Quiteria and George.

Be sure to watch this space!

Hope you enjoy the series.

Posted in 8 December 2016

White Boobtube top by Blue Chic SA.

White Boobtube top by Blue Chic SA.

I had the pleasure of wearing this stunning Boobtube top that was designed by Blue Chic SA. This is definitely a must have for your closet!

If you want to dress elegantly the first rule is simplicity, second one is neutral colours. White is one of the most tasteful choices you can make if you want to dress elegantly.

The very talented Gk Dreamhair brought this look together with a simple but sheek hairstyle.

Posted in 1 December 2016

LM Tailored Suit

LM Tailored Suit

Stay up to date with the latest marketing ideas and trends at the Marketing Indaba 2015.

This popular conference will again inspire and assist the marketing and communication industry as it will serve more than 600 delegates in the three cities. Bookings are now open and the full programme will become available soon.

The conference promises to inform and inspire both the professional marketer as well as those keen to get fresh ideas on marketing their products and services.

Delegates will get the opportunity to listen to more than 16 industry leaders and speakers covering most aspects of the marketing discipline. The conference also offers great networking opportunities for marketers.

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing directors and managers
  • Advertising agencies 
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing professionals
  • PR agencies
  • Sales people
  • Account executives
  • Communication directors
  • Media buyers and Suppliers
  • Media, entertainment and broadcasting
  • Telecommunications
  • Event and conference organisers
  • Retail merchandisers
  • Resellers and agencies 
  • Field researchers
  • Education institutions
  • Government
  • IT Departments and managers
  • Production managers.

Benefits of Attending

BE INSPIRED - Speakers annd exhibitors will inspire you with fresh new ideas.

STAY INFORMED - Get updated on the latest industry trends from industry leading professionals, case studies and panel discussions.

FOCUS - Marketing channels are sometimes cluttered annd highly competitive; learn to cut through the clutter and focus on what is important.

FOCUS - Many networking opportunities are on offer where you can meet like minded executives and industry peers from various industries.

Posted in 28 May 2015

Winter Trend Alert

Winter Trend Alert

Who said fashion can’t be comfortable? The knitwear collections define that statement even head to toe knits trending on the runways.

Knitwear garments will make you feel like you are at home, while wearing one of its creations. All in all, new season is about high quality, comfortable materials and feminine silhouettes.

Outfit detals:

Pants: Burberry
White Poloneck: Tiger of Sweden
Beane: Witchery
Knitted Jersey: Country road
Shoes: Witchery
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Posted in 10 June 2015

Be sure to pop into 27Pinkx Beauty Bar!

Be sure to pop into 27Pinkx Beauty Bar!

Ladies, this one’s for you!

Have you ever had an oxygen facial? 

If you want your skin to feel and look more clarified and youthful, there couldn’t be a more perfect facial!

This is truly my number 1 go to facial. 27Pinkx Beauty Bar never fails to go above and beyond my expectations.

Kick back, relax and get your oxygen facial on!

Posted in 19 December 2016

Visit at Best Body Skin

Visit at Best Body Skin

The importance of good skin care cannot be underestimated in its ability to improve one’s self-image. What we do today will show up in our skin in future. Like most things associated with improving personal self-image and styling , the proper care of one’s skin can have a big impact on how you are perceived by the world. My friend Linda Makhanya (A professional male stylist also known as @LMtailored on instagram) has the same believe like me for non- surgical aesthetic treatment. The experiences that most people have at Best Body Skin are amazing. You can check Best Body Skin Blog (under BEAUTY) and Linda Makhanya Blog (under FASHION) on our website for inspirational weekly feeds.

Posted in 25 June 2015

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